Ready or Not (2019)

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  • The country:
    Canada, USA
  • Сategory:
    Top / Top 2019 / New 2020 / Horror
  • Director:
    Matthew Bettinelli, Tyler Gillett
  • Actors:
    Samara Weaving Adam Brody Mark O’Brien Henry Czerny Andy mcdowell Melanie Scrofano Christian Bruun Nikki Guadagni Elise Levek John Ralston
  • Year:
The young bride is now part of the family of her newly made husband, a wealthy but eccentric family who honors centuries-old traditions. Who would have thought that the first wedding night would turn into a deadly game with newfound relatives, in which the girl would have to try very hard to survive until dawn.

To become a part of a new family implies not only acquaintance with the relatives of a loved one, but also full acceptance of the traditions and rules of the “alien monastery”. And sometimes the orders of another house can shock.

I am going to look for a movie 2019 watch online for free in good quality. Charming Grace has always dreamed of such a spouse - a caring, responsible, handsome and, in addition, wealthy man. Alex cherishes the young bride, and after several months of stormy romance makes an offer to her lover. The happy chosen one hurries to give her consent. Still not familiar with future father-in-law, the girl is sure: her newly-made husband cannot have unworthy parents.

Soon, Alex brings his wife to a family mansion, where future relatives are waiting for her. Representatives of a certain kind, they give the impression of noble decent people. Relatives of the second half hospitably welcome a new family member, offering the young lady to participate in a special rite of passage.

The girl with a laugh agrees to the game of hide and seek, not suspecting that a funny idea will turn into a real hunt with real human victims. The heroine's goal is to make the most of survival skills and endure until dawn, escaping from armed pursuers.

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