Gemini man (2019)

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    Top / Action
  • Director:
    Ang Lee
  • Actors:
    Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen
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The latest technologies for rejuvenation firmly entered the life of a modern person in the distant future. A true professional in the field of hired murders understands that with age, he must retire. The customers have other plans in this regard - it was decided to clone the killer in order to get a young version of an excellent hit man. No one assumed that the clone would receive the task of killing Henry Brogen, and he enjoys a measured life and does not suspect anything. On his account a substantial amount, which is enough for more than one year of a comfortable existence. He forgot to think about his past, enjoys life, unaware of the mortal danger from himself.

Clay Warris became the one who developed the unique version of Henry in a new body. The young killer surpasses the prototype in some respects, but the boss decides that the former Henry is a danger, because he knows a lot of things that could put Varris in jail. In order to cover up the tracks, he sends the young Henry to the first responsible task, confident that he will not fail. Henry - the original managed to escape from his own clone, skill, experience and professionalism help to muddle the tracks, it is necessary to develop a plan to destroy the enemies who decided to disrupt his peaceful life.

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