Downton Abbey

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    Drama / Serials / History
  • Director:
    Julian Fellowes
  • Actors:
    Hugh Bonneville, Phyllis Logan, Elizabeth McGovern
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The plot takes us to 1912. The whole world is discouraged by an unprecedented disaster: in the waters of the Atlantic, the famous ocean passenger liner Titanic crashes. Together with it, more than 900 passengers go to the bottom. One of the dead is the first-class ticket holder - the heir to Count Grantham - his nephew Patrick (the count did not have his sons). The inhabitants of the estate speculate about who will become the next owner of the county. Watch the series Downton Abbey online all the series, and you will find out that everything indicates that the title and all the wealth will go to the eldest daughter of the old count. But young Mary’s hopes of inheritance are broken like waves against rocks, and an unknown distant relative appears on the horizon, to whom her esteemed father wants to transfer all rights to the estate and other capital (even his own wife).

You will not only plunge into the luxury of the count's family, but also watch the drama, losses, tears of joy and happiness, wedding bouquets and funeral wreaths. In addition to the life of the gentlemen, the viewer will get acquainted with the duties and everyday life of the numerous servants of the estate, who also experience troubles and problems. In short, Downton Abbey online is a lifetime, with all its joys and tribulations.

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