Pride and Prejudice

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    Drama / Romance
  • Director:
    Simon Langton
  • Actors:
    Colin Firth, Jennifer Ehle, Susannah Harker
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Elizabeth is one of the five daughters of Mr. Bennet, a wealthy provincial landowner. Unfortunately, Mr. Bennett has no heirs. Therefore, in the event of the death of Mr., their distant relative on the male line will take possession of all their property. And when Mr. Bennett's neighbor became rich Mr. Bingley with his friend, even more wealthy Mr. Darcy, Bennett had high hopes for the successful marriage of one of his five daughters. Mr. Charles Bingley is a wealthy gentleman from England. In the summer of each year he rents the Netherfield estate, located near the town of Meriton. He arrived here with his friend Mr. Darcy, whose income is twice that of Bingley.
The Bennet family is visited by their distant relative - a priest from Kent, Mr. Collins. He must become the heir to their house, and in order to save this house for the family, he decides to marry Elizabeth, but she refuses. But his marriage proposal was accepted by Charlotte Lucas, girlfriend of Elizabeth. Suddenly, Darcy makes an offer to Elizabeth, motivating her to love her passionately, not taking into account the low position of her family. But this proposal, Elizabeth rejects ...

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