The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) watch online in high quality hd
  • The country:
    New Zealand | USA
  • Сategory:
    Adventure / Drama / Fantasy
  • Director:
    Peter Jackson
  • Actors:
    Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Orlando Bloom
  • Year:
The history of the creation of magic rings carries back to the distant past, when 19 rings were created in Middle-earth. Their owners were dwarves - residents of underground caves, elves with immortality and ordinary people. The dark lord Sauron decides to forge another ring for himself, granting omnipotence. Jewelry gives its owner tremendous power, in addition, it collects around itself the power of the owners of the previous 19 rings. The latter had to unite to overthrow Sauron. A long battle was won, but the twentieth ring influenced the mind of Isildur, the ruler of the people. After his death, the ring of omnipotence mysteriously disappeared to appear after three millennia. Now its owner is Bilbo Beggins, not suspecting the true value of the jewelry. A rustic hobbit gains longevity, and subsequently decides to hand over the Frodo ring. He did not take into account the fact that the spirit of the dark lord would wake up and decide to return the ring of omnipotence, but first he must be taken away from the brave hobbit.

Gandalf instructs to take the ring to Rivendale, Frodo sets off on the road, unaware of the dangers he will face. He will not have to travel alone, since the servants Sam, Pippin and Marie will be accompanying. How soon will the holder of the ring realize that he should serve the dark forces? The restless Frodo is trying to pacify the power of decoration, but Darkness wakes up suddenly and gradually captures the mind of the weakest creature. Is the newly created Fellowship of the Rings disintegrated again by evil forces? Residents of Middle-earth may be in danger when the worlds of elves, hobbits and ordinary people lose their consent and peaceful existence. In addition, it is worth thinking about other peoples, but the wizard Gandalf will try to prevent the destruction of the world of good and justice.

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