The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

film The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King watch online in high quality hd
  • The country:
    New Zealand | USA
  • Сategory:
    Drama / Fantasy
  • Director:
    Peter Jackson
  • Actors:
    Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Ian McKellen
  • Year:
The battle of Helm's Paddy ended in a victory for the forces of good. The warlords give the order to return to Rohan, but it’s too early to relax, because the dark magician Sauron does not intend to give up. Aragorn warns of danger, who becomes aware that Sauron seized power in Gondor. Is this really the beginning of a new confrontation? The army of the Dead Highlanders, not without the help of Theodeon, resisted the magician at Minas Tirith, then the confrontation will continue at the walls of Mordor. The brave hobbit Frodo continues the journey to the sacred fire, capable of destroying the Ring of Omnipotence. The insidious Golum leaves no attempts to take possession of the decoration, but its evil nature continues to adjust various traps. Can neither Frodo nor Sam see the true motives of the evil Golum? Travelers are almost there, soon the ring will be destroyed, and Sauron, absorbed in preparing for the decisive battle, does not notice it.

Meanwhile, Governor Denethor suffers in Gondor. His son was killed, and the second heir Faramir bravely breaks into the battle, which should take place near the walls of Minas - Tirith. Its inhabitants are frightened, awaiting the approach of the Allied forces with trepidation. King Rohan forgives the betrayal of an ally who had not once come to his aid, and sends his troops into battle. It is not known whose forces this time will win the long-awaited victory. Sam manages to save Frodo from imminent death, although before that there was a serious disagreement between them, as a result of which Sam was expelled. The evil Golum itself will fall into its own trap, but no remorse can be expected from it. The fate of the dangerous ring is a foregone conclusion, because Frodo felt his influence on himself - a breakdown, an irresistible desire to put it on his finger, clouding of reason. The only desire is to be at home, but so far it remains only in dreams.

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