The Pale Horse (2020)

film The Pale Horse (2020) watch online in high quality hd
  • The country:
  • Сategory:
    New 2020 / Crime / Mystery
  • Director:
    Leonora Lonsdale
  • Actors:
    Rufus Sewell, Kaya Scodelario, Sheila Atim
  • Year:
Before us is another film adaptation of the novel by Agatha Christie. The series will tell about the adventures of the historian Mark Easterbrook, who undertakes to investigate the case of mysterious murders. The search for the criminal leads the scientist to the White Horse villa. At first glance, it seems that local witches are to blame for the mysterious deaths, however Easterbrook refuses to believe in the existence of supernatural forces, and meticulously searches for the guilty.

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