The Painted Veil (2006)

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  • The country:
    China | USA | Canada
  • Сategory:
    Top / Drama / Romance
  • Director:
    John Curran
  • Actors:
    Naomi Watts, Edward Norton, Liev Schreiber
  • Year:
In one of the villages in China, a cholera epidemic is rampant, threatening to mow the entire population. The main character of the film is a doctor, sent to help the poor peasants. The unfaithful wife goes with him. Their feelings began to cool for a long time and this trip, most likely as a habit, is to always follow the wife after the husband. The doctor selflessly plunges into the fight against the epidemic. He spent hours, days, and nights trying to heal the villagers. Kitty, the doctor’s wife, is helping her husband as much as possible. She sees how hard it is for him, but despite the fatigue, he continues to heal. During this period, Kitty was seen differently by her husband. I considered in it that which I had not seen before and again fell in love with him. The doctor, of course, also sees the changes in his wife and answers the same. The cooled senses ignite again, with greater force. How sometimes it is not enough in a family to understand each other. And for this, it is only necessary to change the situation, to be together in an extreme environment.

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