Contagion (2011) watch online in high quality hd
Contagion (2011)
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    United Arab Emirates | USA
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The film predicted the epidemic of coronavirus. The plot of the film is very reminiscent of today's events. The businesswoman, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, dies from a mysterious virus that she caught in China, causing panic throughout the world. At the same...
Mortal Kombat (2020) watch online in high quality hd
Mortal Kombat (2020)
Soon the world will be in danger if only the best fighters do not triumph over the representatives of another world. The soldiers of the Outer World are well prepared, not a single warrior can resist them, but representatives of the human race are confident...
Bad Boys for Life (2020) watch online in high quality hd
Bad Boys for Life (2020)
Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) finally realized his dream and became a police inspector. But his fighting comrade Mike Lowry (Will Smith) is in no hurry to reach at least some heights. He is just now suffering from a midlife crisis and wants to do nothing....
Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (2020) watch online in high quality hd
Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous
The events of the film Birds of Prey unfold in a city called Gotham. It is here that crime and ruin reign supreme now. After the events of “Suicide Squad,” Harley Quinn broke up with the Joker. Meanwhile, young Cassandra Kane finds a diamond belonging to...
The King's Man (2020) watch online in high quality hd
The King's Man (2020)
Kingsman is a super-spy organization that works for the benefit of mankind away from prying eyes. And one of the first and most talented operatives in the organization’s history is Conrad, the young and arrogant son of the Duke of Oxford. World War I. The...
The New Mutants (2020) watch online in high quality hd
The New Mutants (2020)
"New Mutants" - American superhero fighter directed and scripted by Josh Boone. The tape tells about a group of mutants fighting for survival. Starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Macy Williams, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, Blue Gantt and Alice Braga. The five young...
Black Widow (2020) watch online in high quality hd
Black Widow (2020)
Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) is overwhelmed by the grievous memories of the past that have gripped her. In order to destroy the system of appearance of such murderers as she, the Black Widow goes to the "Red Room" - a place of former training. The Black Widow...
Fast & Furious 9 (2020) watch online in high quality hd
Fast & Furious 9 (2020)
The plot details of the new film are kept secret. The criminal thriller “Fast and the Furious 9” is the next continuation of the media franchise, which includes 9 feature films and two short films. The first "Fast and the Furious" was released in 2001. The...
Underwater (2020) watch online in high quality hd
Underwater (2020)
Nora Price (Kristen Stewart) is part of a group of scientists exploring the underwater world. She, like her colleagues, has to live for a long time on a specially equipped underwater base, where the main part of the work takes place. Despite professionalism...
Avatar (2009) watch online in high quality hd
Avatar (2009)
Marine Jake Sally is forced to resign due to an accident. The warrior’s soul is indignant, he’s not used to doing nothing, and now there is a unique chance to radically change his own life, making a trip to the planet Pandora. People have long exhausted all...
Avatar 2 (2021) watch online in high quality hd
Avatar 2 (2021)
Continuation of the story about the fate of the Na’vi people, the former earth inhabitant Jake Sally in the body of the avatar and his life partner Neytiri. The film tells about their love and the story of their new family. The film will take place on...
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) watch online in high quality hd
Harry Potter and the Order of the
Harry understands that no one believes his words about the skirmish with Voldemort, moreover, even the return of the dark wizard seems absurd. The venerable head of the school of magic spreads false rumors to undermine the authority of the Minister of Magic....
Free Guy (2020) watch online in high quality hd
Free Guy (2020)
A young man can be proud of how he arranged his own life. An excellent education helped him find a job in a well-known bank, over time, he gets a raise, a solid salary, gets an apartment, a car, can afford expensive trips, chic parties and much more. The guy...
Aladdin (2019) watch online in high quality hd
Aladdin (2019)
At Agraba's bazaar, a street thief Aladdin rescues Princess Jasmine from the merchant’s wrath and immediately falls in love with her. Meanwhile, the adviser to the Sultan Jafar is trying to get a magic lamp to free the Jinn from it, thanks to which he will be...
The Courier (2019) watch online in high quality hd
The Courier (2019)
Nick Murch (Amit Shah) was never lucky enough, but this time his luck seems to be gone forever. He witnessed a brutal murder, and now the bosses of the criminal world are interested in getting rid of him as soon as possible. The explosives that Nick was...
Nekrotronic (2018) watch online in high quality hd
Nekrotronic (2018)
In ancient times, people made bloody sacrifices, thus opening the way for demons to our world. These sinister beings were instilled in people and began to do evil with their hands. Then the first demon hunters who were called necromancers appeared. Randy and...
6 Underground (2019) watch online in high quality hd
6 Underground (2019)
Having staged his own death, the conscious billionaire begins a new life - he is recruiting a detachment of mercenaries from different countries in order to fight evil in this world. All team members receive numbers instead of names, and their goal is to...
No Time to Die (2020) watch online in high quality hd
No Time to Die (2020)
Quiet life in Jamaica completely suits James Bond. One day he meets his friend Felix Leiter, who worked for the CIA. They recall the past, and only after that agent reveals the true reason for his visit. A young prominent scientist involved in important...
Gemini man (2019) watch online in high quality hd
Gemini man (2019)
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The latest technologies for rejuvenation firmly entered the life of a modern person in the distant future. A true professional in the field of hired murders understands that with age, he must retire. The customers have other plans in this regard - it was...
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