Gone with the Wind (1939) watch online in high quality hd
Gone with the Wind (1939)
On the rich Tara plantation in Georgia, the charming Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh, who was approved for the role, out of 1400 applicants) is growing up. During the reception, Scarlett learns that Ashley Wilkes (Leslie Howard), with whom she is in love, is...
The Painted Veil (2006) watch online in high quality hd
The Painted Veil (2006)
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    China | USA | Canada
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In one of the villages in China, a cholera epidemic is rampant, threatening to mow the entire population. The main character of the film is a doctor, sent to help the poor peasants. The unfaithful wife goes with him. Their feelings began to cool for a long...
The horseman on the roof (1995) watch online in high quality hd
The horseman on the roof (1995)
Epidemic of cholera devastated France. The action of adventure melodrama takes place at the beginning of the nineteenth century after the fall of Napoleon. The 25-year-old Italian colonel, hiding in France from the Austrian secret police, escapes from the...
North & South watch online in high quality hd
North & South
Growing up in a wealthy family, Margaret led a comfortable life in a privileged class. But when her father moved the family north, she had to adapt to life in Milton, a city undergoing an industrial revolution. Margaret hates the new "masters of life", and...
Pride and Prejudice watch online in high quality hd
Pride and Prejudice
Elizabeth is one of the five daughters of Mr. Bennet, a wealthy provincial landowner. Unfortunately, Mr. Bennett has no heirs. Therefore, in the event of the death of Mr., their distant relative on the male line will take possession of all their property. And...
Emma (2020) watch online in high quality hd
Emma (2020)
The brilliant adaptation of the world bestseller Jane Austen! Emma is young, rich and self-confident. She is convinced that she is well-versed in people, and above all loves to make money. The tireless Emma is always ready for sweet romantic disappointments...
Call the Midwife watch online in high quality hd
Call the Midwife
We see the history of Great Britain in the 50s-60s with its variety of social problems: baby boom, the introduction of pain medication during childbirth, social inequality and discrimination, immigrants from Africa and Asia, domestic violence, psychological...
Marriage Story (2019) watch online in high quality hd
Marriage Story (2019)
Charlie is a successful theater director from New York, engaged in the production of a play in which the main role is played by his wife Nicole. Despite a harmonious working relationship, the couple’s personal life turned into a continuous clump of problems...
Little Women (2019) watch online in high quality hd
Little Women (2019)
The story of the growing up and relationships of the four dissimilar March sisters living in the USA in the second half of the 19th century. Elegant beauty Margaret, mischievous fidget Josephine, kindhearted quiet girl Elizabeth and little cunning Amy grow up...
Last Christmas (2019) watch online in high quality hd
Last Christmas (2019)
The main character of the film is a former singer named Kate. She constantly fails and it depresses her. Regular failures lead to the fact that the heroine is on the verge. She drinks too much, but it doesn't help. At some point, she completely gives up. Kate...
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