John Henry (2020) watch online in high quality hd
John Henry (2020)
This dramatic thriller tells the story of a folk American hero John Henry, who throws his criminal past for the sake of a peaceful life in Los Angeles. Previously, our hero was a professional killer, but decided to engage in criminal activity. But one day,...
A Fall from Grace (2020) watch online in high quality hd
A Fall from Grace (2020)
There is one good woman who has survived a difficult divorce and has an adult son. He feeds the homeless, goes to church, is respected at work, for her whole life she has done nothing wrong to anyone. And what could happen to her that could lead her to such...
Gretel & Hansel (2020) watch online in high quality hd
Gretel & Hansel (2020)
Brother and sister, living on the outskirts of a small village, did not sleep for several nights, waiting for the return of parents who left home and did not return. For the third day, they were suffering from hunger, and in thirst they decided to search for...
Parasite (2019) watch online in high quality hd
Parasite (2019)
All four members of the Ki-tek family are unemployed. One day, Ki-u's eldest son, his friend, offers a highly paid tutoring position. With the help of his sister’s skills, the hero prepares fake documents and ends up in the fashionable mansion of a large...
A Quiet Place: Part II (2020) watch online in high quality hd
A Quiet Place: Part II (2020)
Events take place in a world where humans are hunted by aliens from space, who are focused solely on sounds. Those who survived are trying to lead a normal life. The main condition for their safety is that they must not produce any sound. The family continues...
Escape from Pretoria (2020) watch online in high quality hd
Escape from Pretoria (2020)
Escape from Pretoria is a feature film based on real events. Mid-seventies, the main character, a young politician from the South African Republic, Tim Jenkin, is arrested by the police. Tim is a fighter against racial discrimination, which in those days and...
Joker (2019) watch online in high quality hd
Joker (2019)
The story of the famous villain from Gotham. The unsuccessful clown Arthur Fleck once ceases to struggle with his madness and plays cruel jokes with the whole city. Three-time Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix played one of the best roles in his career. At the...
Strange But True (2019) watch online in high quality hd
Strange But True (2019)
Five years ago, Ronnie Chase crashed in a limo during the prom. After that, his family split: his mother became irritable and distrustful, his father left for another woman, and his brother Philip moved away from his relatives. One day, Melissa, Ronnie's...
Spider in the Web (2019) watch online in high quality hd
Spider in the Web (2019)
Over the years, Adereth has been one of the best spies. Alas, time does not stand still - the time has come when the agent is sent on a well-deserved rest because of age. However, the protagonist does not intend to just give up the work of a lifetime. So he...
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